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Washi – Tradition und Kunst des Japanpapiers

Washi – Tradition und Kunst des Japanpapiers/Japanpapier zum Anfassen.
(Washi — The Tradition and Art of Japan Paper)

A book object for bibliophiles on the art and craft of Japan paper.

Japanese handmade paper is regarded as an art craft and part of the heritage tradition in Japan. Outside the country very little is known about this handicraft. The special ingredients and the unique technique of paper making leads to an incomparable delicate but strong material.

The book encounters the history of the Japanese art craft, a description of the manufactoring process, the usage of the handmade paper in daily life and art as well as future perspectives. The second book shows a selection of papers from different paper artists.

two boxed volumes
first edition 200 copies
published in spring 2003 by form+zweck, Berlin

ISBN 978-3-935053-12-9
Received awards from Münster University of Applied Sciences, Stiftung Buchkunst (German Foundation for Book Art), red dot, TDC (Type Directors Club) Tokyo and iF communication design.